Carpet of Promises

Roman Minin



Nazar Bilyk


Working Rotation

Andriy Sydorenko


New Landscape

Oleksiy Say


New Prometheus

Yegor and Nikita Zigura


The Ark

Stepan Ryabchenko


NewNow Gallery is one of the subsidiaries of ABRAMOVYCH.ART project.


A platform aimed at presenting the younger generation of Ukrainian contemporary art, NewNow Gallery presents the work of extraordinary and famous representatives of the national art scene, whose names appeared in the 2000s, and already managed to win positions in the international art field.


This space is designed for a constant expansion of framework, open to the pressing issues of today. We want to show the media variety of contemporary art in Ukraine through the work of individual bright personalities: from classical painting and sculpture to various digital media. One of the priorities of the NewNow Gallery is to support and spread the work of young domestic artists, both among the professional and a wide audiences, and the discovery of new remarkable artists.



Ukrainian Contemporary Art consulting
Kyiv, Ukraine.

Igor Abramovych